Sofia Vergara and latinas ten more elegant in USA

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In this post on our blog of Famous and Beauty we bring you ten Latinas more elegants of the United States. The winner? Sofia Vergara, no doubt.

The Winner.- Sofia Vergara.

U236850Sofía Vergara, is the number one Latin chic in United States. As an example this photo with a red dress very stylish in one of his latest parties.

2. Selena Gomez

U249285Although Selena Gomez is young, she shows us in all his appearances that being young and also elegant is possible. In this photo we can see it in a dress covered with Golden beads.

3. Eva Longoria

U253107Within our list of latinas more elegant, could not miss Eva Longoria. This actress of Mexican origin see a dress little black dress. Really elegant.

4. Zoe Saldaña

U227619We all know that Zoe Saldaña has parents from Puerto Rico, and that is present in their looks. This photo shows it with a very pretty dress.

5. Eva Mendes

U250556In this photo we can see Eva Mendes with his Cuban style, and a model wearing Cuban-style. Very elegant.

6. Salma Hayek

U240046In this photo, Salma Kayek, Ambassador see more important in Mexico, with a Gucci dress. Really elegant.

7. Naya Rivera


8. Jessica Alba




9. Jennifer Lopez


10. Rosario Dawson



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