Selena Gomez choose between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom

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As I imagine that you know, some days ago, Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom arrived to hand when they met at a restaurant in Ibiza. Selena Gomez, the third person in this trio, finally has positioned in favor of one of them.



And finally she has chosen Orlando Bloom.

HollywoodLife has publicated that Selena Gomez has sent a text message to his friend Orlando Bloom apologizing for the nasty attitude that took his exboyfriend.

When Justin Bieber met Orlando Bloom in a restaurant in Ibiza they started to talk about their old girlfriends. Orlando protested to Justin who approached Miranda Kerr while they were still married and Justin reproached him with Selena Gomez. And the final of this meeting everyone know.

Is possible to interpretate that with this election Selena Gomez doesn´t want to know something about Justin Bieber. Last months Selena and Jastin have a difficult relation. This time seems the final of the coupling.

By other side, Orlando Bloom, wants to forget all about Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr. He is enjoy in Formentera (Spain) with his new girlfriend, Erica Parker (James Parker´s exwife)


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