Penelope Cruz is choosed like the SEXIEST WOMAN alive.

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Penelope Cruz has return! And she returns like the Most Sexy woman alive. The magazine Esquire has chosen Penelope as the sexiest woman alive in the world. Penelope Cruz will be the Cover´s protagonist of this publication. We can´t miss the pictures.



Penelope will be the Esquire Cover´s protagonist in the next magazine that will start to sell next 21th Octuber. 1 In this pictures we would see Penelope thiner. Diet or Photoshop? 2

3 In this magazine we are going to see the new photographs and an interviuw with Penelope. In this interviuw Penelope talks about her present and her future. 4 Penelope has been working this summer in Spain, and as soon as possible she is going to promotion her las films “Ma ma” and “Grimsby”. In this picture we can see Penelope in las Cannes Festival, where Penelope was the center of all the flashes. 5



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