Olga Kurylenco, protagonist “Oblivion”

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Last week the film “Oblivion “ director Joseph Kosinski was released . With actors Tom Cruise , Morgan Freeman , Andrea Riseborough and Nicolaj Coster- Waldau , we could see a Ukraine-born actress Olga Kurylenko.

Olga Kurylenko 018Olga Kurylenco, plays a beautiful and mysterious that enchants Tom Cruise . Olga with her appearance in the dreams of Tom Cruise, causes it starts investigating what happened in the last war between aliens and humans.

Olga Kurylenko 03Olga Kurylenko was born in Ukraine in 1979. Her childhood and youth were a tough time for her, because her parents were separated and had no financial resources.

Olga Kurylenko 02As a child she gave piano lessons and ballet while her mother working as a teacher.

Olga Kurylenko 05With less than eighteen, on a trip to Moscow, was discovered by a talent scout . Olga Kurylenko , with this age, and noted for its beauty.

Olga Kurylenko 06After this trip to Moscow , Olga began working as a model in Paris. Until today , where he is the protagonist of covers of fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elle , Vogue …

Olga Kurylenko 04In 2007 , Olga Kurylenko started making commercial films . Her first role was in the movie Hitman , and a year later, Max Payne. In the film Quantum of Solace , the Bond saga , was the new Bond girl , and this role made ​​famous in Hollywood.

Olga Kurylenko 01Last week released the film To the Wonder, Terrence Malick director .

Olga Kurylenko 019She is currently filming the movie ” Empires od the Deep” . Olga Kurylenko 017  

Olga Kurylenko 013

Olga Kurylenko 011

One thought on “Olga Kurylenco, protagonist “Oblivion”

  1. Ian says:

    Olga is a truly beautiful representation of a perfect lady with an awesome figure to boot, a graceful actress and a an absolute mystic lady.

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