The last pictures of Jennifer Lopez, really pretty.

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Jennifer Lopez, 45 years old. She has ahead of us the last photographs he has done for Self magazine and will be published next January.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_03We see the latest photos that Jennifer Lopez, has posted on her Instagram profile, Jennifer Lopez is one of the best years of her life.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_07Jennifer Lopez will star in the cover of Self magazine next January. The gorgeous and we see an almost perfect body, after dedicating many hours of sport.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_01Jennifer Lopez works every day to be better physically. After giving birth to two children and forty-six years old, Jennifer Lopez resists the passage of time change her body.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_09Jennifer Lopez feels beautiful, and for this reason she publishes her photos on Instagram. And we all want to keep doing it.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_04In some magazines has reported that Jennifer Lopez has started a relationship with the actor William Levy, 34 years old.

Jennifer_Lopez_Magazien_Self_05Anyway, Jennifer Lopez shows us every day that it is in her best years.

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