Kim Kardashian, her 50 best selfies (Part 1)

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Kim Kardashian has been ten years doing selfies. Now she has decided to publish a book with a selection of her best 2,000 selfies. On our famousandbeuaty page we are going to publish 50 of them, in different posts. We started now with ten of them.


 Kim_Kardashian_selfie_1 Here we see her elegant and gorgeous, walking down the street. What is she thinking about?


Kim, in these ten years has published many kinds of selfies. For example here we can see it in a session of makeup and hairdressing.

Kim_Kardashian_selfie_3In this selfie, Kim Kardashian show to her followers in Instagram her new custom jewelrys. We can read in these strange rings, the words “North West”.


 Now a kiss with her husband in front of the camera.

Kim_Kardashian_selfie_5You are right, this photograph is not a selfie. This photograph is part of the session that Kim Kardashian did for GQ. But I think it is very good picture, and we have to include it in this collection. Don´t you think the same?


Before the photo session with GQ. Kim_Kardashian_selfie_8Kim_Kardashian_selfie8

Perhaps you would do yourself a selfie with your cat or your dog and take it to Instagram. In the case of Kim Kardashian, she becomes a selfie with its koala and published by all his followers.


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