Kim Kardashian, her evolution.

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What can we write different about Kim Kardashian? We think that all the blogs about famous have wroten something about this celeb. In this post we have done a summary about the evolution of one of the most important and famous Kim Kardashian´s attribute. Can you imagine which is this attribute?


Kim Kardashian has more than 24 millions followers on Twitter, she is married, she earns money with all the thinks that she do… but we think that Kim Kardashian wouldn´t be the same person without some of her attributes.

In this recent photograph we can see Kim Kardashian after record “Keeping up with the Kardashian”

Kim_Kardashian_22In 2.006 Kim Kardashian was thiner, in this photograph we can see her with one friend.


This photograph is from 2.006 too, her attribute wasn´t so exaggerated.

Kim_Kardashian_13Kim_Kardashian_18In this photograph we can see with Paris Hilton dancing.


 Here in 2.007, the change has started!

Kim_Kardashian_12Kim_Kardashian_1And the last change in 2.012. The different is obvious.




2.014 Kim Kardashian started to work in Gym, and the results are very good.



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