Kim Kardashian, a new twin sister?

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No, it’s not a new sister Kardashian clan, it is Jimena Sanchez, Mexican, 30 years old and presenter of a TV show on Fox Sports. Find out in this post FamousandBeuaty.

Jimena Sanchez 01

Here are two selfies, one of Jimena Sanchez and another Kim Kardashian. You can recognize who is who? The resemblance is great and above all share his love of selfies and posing.

Jimena Sanchez 04

In the account that has Jimena Sanchez on Instagram and twitter, we can see all the mirrors in her house. He is always making selifies and uploading to social networks.

Jimena Sanchez 09

But the resemblance is not only in the face, Jimena Sanchez curves remind us much to Kim Kardashian. We already said in previous post of FamousandBeauty that fashion curves had returned.

Jimena Sanchez 03

It is best that Jimena has not copied the look of blonde Kim Kardashian. Jimena Sanchez retains its natural hair color.

Jimena Sanchez 05

Jimena Sanchez is Mexican and is 30 years old. He works as a television presenter sports program and also works as a model.

Jimena Sanchez 07

A Jimena does not mind being compared to Kim Kardashian.

Jimena Sanchez 10

Displaying their accounts on major social networks, Jimena recognized that loves to pose. “I like the attention to me and the support of my fans is the most important thing,” he recently stated in a publication of Daily Mail.

Jimena Sanchez 02

The Mexican presenter is a star of social networks. Instagram has more than 360,000 followers and more than a million “I like” on Facebook. She appreciates the support of their fans uploading more photos.

Jimena Sanchez 08

But besides his passion for photography, Mexican works as a sports presenter chain Fox Sports country. There, leads a program that is broadcast daily.

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Its spectacular physical and his work as a presenter and model Jimena Sanchez have made a celebrity in his country and is common to see it go to some important events. Sure by comparison with Kim Kardashian that the network is flooded, his fame will come internationally.

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