Kim Kardashian, her 50 best selfies (Part 3)

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Continue with our special about Kim Kardashian best 50 selfies.


We continue with our post dedicated to the Queen of the selfies and self-promotion. Is any place good to raise our selfies instagram… why not a gym?

Kim_Kardashian_03Kim Kardashian, known living physicist and his appearance. For years, it is client of Dr. Lancer, prestigious United States dermatologist. Why not do a selfie with your dermatologist?

Kim_Kardashian_04Looks like it was yesterday when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were intimate friends. In fact Kim Kardashian started to appear in the press due to their parties next to Paris Hilton. Then Kim Kardashian became very famous and jealousy broke the friendship. But they are real professionals and when they agree on a party does not lose the opportunity to make the selfie.


If your wife or girlfriend you photography while you sleep and upload the photo to any social network friends will laugh at a good time for you. But if your wife is Kim Kardashian no no problem… at least I think the rapper Kanye.

Kim_Kardashian_06One of the things that Kim is one of the women followed in instagram is by its curves, as we can see in this selfie that it made while taking the Sun.


More gym…




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