Katy Perry, natural or artificial?

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You know if Katy Perry’s chest is natural or artificial?

katy-perry-natural_boobs_05A blue wig or pin-up image, sometimes it is not enough to divert our attention from the necklines normally looks Katy Perry.

katy-perry-natural_boobs_10Katy Perry size is a 85D.

katy-perry-natural_boobs_06With a small waist, and with a striking chest, Katy Perry has a pin-up figure type. It is very beautiful and attractive, and it shows in all the parties she attends and in her music videos.

Katy Perry chats to fans as she leaves the Mika concert at the Palladium in Hollywood

Katy Perry’s chest is …. NATURAL

2009 GRAMMY Salute To Industry Icons - Arrivals













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