Julia Roberts, 47 years old

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Julia Roberts just 47 years old. And you will reach this age without having any cosmetic surgery. We review in this post as it has changed over the years. Although we can see that she continues to prove her natural beauty and freshness.


We do not know the secret to reach 47 years so pretty, but Julia Roberts has told us many times that it she is passionate practitioner of yoga.


Julia Roberts, was the favorite actress of the years 90 thanks to her performance in the film “Pretty Woman”


A few years later won an Oscar for her role in the film “Erin Brockovich”


Julia Roberts has always said that she has not had any cosmetic surgery. While acknowledging that some occasions some producers have asked.

Julia_Roberts_47_years_old_010In this picture we can see how Julia Roberts is still an authentic beauty.

Julia_Roberts_47_years_old_08Julia Roberts is the imagen of Lancome brand, she has renewed the contract untill Julia Roberts will be  50 years old.


The actress is the mother of three children: twins Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia and little Henry Daniel. Since he found the emotional and sentimental stability with the father of the children, Daniel Moder, Julia has been very happy.



Julia_Roberts_47_years_old_03When we look at Julia Roberts we can see her laughing eyes, hes nose and her huge smile. Ultimately, she continues to maintain the charm that we won with her role as Vivian Ward.

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