A journalist nearly lost work for being too pretty

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Sometimes be too pretty, can not help you be famous on television.

Serbia, Katarina Sreckovic, journalist has been about to run out of work for being too pretty. Katarina Sreckovic, works for Serbian TV Zvezda TV, following the Red Star soccer team. This football team accused it distract the players in training.


Katarina Sreckovic is 25 years old, and the truth is very pretty. The Red Star of Belgrade team asked the television station for which Katarina works that it was replaced by another journalist, since players were saying that Katarina Srechovic distracted them while they trained and played a game.


Katarina Sreckovic said she was asked to leave the football field repeatedly, since the players were saying that they could not concentrate.


Finally, Katarina Sreckovic has not been dismissed, and thanks to all this controversy, the worldwide popularity of Katarina Sreckovic has grown. Currently it has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.

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