Jennifer Lopez, her first concert in Bronx

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Jennifer1Jennifer Lopez at the continuing rumors of breakup with Casper Smart is giving everything on stage. It showed again these days in the first concert of his career featuring in the Bronx, New York neighborhood where he grew up and just 44 years ago. However, the curious note of the evening came in the form of styling when JLo decided to revive the famous Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy with an almost identical look green.

I had never sung in the neighborhood where she was born, so JLo was very clear that in such a special day there was no room for punishment. With a smile from ear to ear and Latin sensuality that characterizes left the bar high in the Bronx (New York).
And as always, proved to be a very great professional. Ignoring the rumors that point to a possible breakup with her boyfriend, dancer and choreographer Casper Smart, Jennifer dared to emulate the famous Miley Cyrus twerking with singer accompanying him on stage. Would you like to make Casper jealous?
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The next July turns 45, but JLo knows that more than one would have a great body like yours. So not idle staff began to cause resfregándose someone with a bicycle placed, not coincidentally, on stage.
JLo was clear before starting it would be the protagonist from start to finish, so he took the character that we have not seen for some time. Disheveled and with a defiant look felt like a fish in water against theirs.
Remember that Jennifer Lopez has had to endure in recent weeks the news on alleged horns by her boyfriend. The American press has linked with Sofie Vissa Casper, a transsexual model who could have exchanged explicit and intimate photos. If confirmed all this, there is no doubt that the boy is making a big mistake.
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And if the scenery required to take a number of risks not care. Jennifer reached for the highest heels in your closet and delighted her fans with a dance to remember.Which artist!

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