Irina Shayk actress in ‘Hércules’

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Mistakes like that film watch Roman or sunglasses viewers Roman Gladiator circus has been overshadowed by the emergence of Irina Shayk star in the so-called seventh art. Hercules version directed by Brett Ratner, has just launched a new promotional trailer that has delighted hunters kits and friends sharpen everything. Why?


Was not Hercules son of Zeus? Do any of the creatures that appear in the video are out of time and place? No, the jokes come and revealed a scene where the Russian lush leaves a relaxing swim which lingerie model wearing a nice golden thong.

A brilliance that has raised doubts about the historical accuracy of the film. Did they wear thong in ancient Greece? And if so, is not it taken away for bathing? Learn, do not know what hiding under her dress the ladies of the time and to establish the origin of a garment that could well be heir to the loincloth of life is not easy. But the design of that teaches Shayk repeatedly in the trailer seems more out of the last Carnival in Rio de Janeiro that the time of the myths about gods and demigods.


Shayk plays in Hercules Megara, object of desire and wife of the protagonist of the story, which is none other than Dwayne Johnson‘s muscular, better known as The Rock. We assume, on the basis of what is seen in the trailer, that the role of the actress tucked model is reduced to his charm. The video gives back more times face teaching. Of course, when the banner makes a suggestive pose and an equally seductive voice (same thing is dubbing) with which the hero receives.

Be more or less spectacular debut as a film actress Shayk, the truth is that she has surrounded himself with some names much weight and consideration to tuck in his first role. In addition to Johnson, the cast includes names like John Hurt, Joseph Fiennes and Rufus Sewell. The premiere of Hercules, based on the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars Steve Moore, is scheduled in Spain on 5 September.

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