The inspiration of man NBA record

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Klay Thompson has entered the history of the NBA after a night to remember with 37 points without failure in one room. The guard has found stability beside Hannah Stocking, model and former partner of Kyrie Irving.

She is Hannah Stocking, model and former partner of Kyrie Irving. Now is the girlfriend of player Klay Thompson.

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The Warriors player has made history in the NBA, doing something no one had before achieved in history. The Californian player has set a new scoring record in a room dunk 37 points! in the third period of the shock that Steve Kerr won against the Kings 126-101.

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Thompson finished the match with 52 points and the thunderous ovation from the Oracle Arena, which in silent murderer surrendered. The guard scored 13 of 13 shooting from the field, including included nine triples which is also the NBA record for most triples in a single room, in just 11 minutes proving to have a rifle greased and ready to fire at any time.

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