Indy Clinton, the Australian teenager which charged 600 $ for ‘selfie’

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Indy Clinton a teenager of Australia has achieved the dream of those who publish our images on Instagram, charge about $600 for each photo that we got on Instagram how has succeeded? Discover the history of Indy Clinton in this post.

Indy Clinton in a year has more than 70,000 followers, only on Instagram. Some of his friends are calling Indy Clinton Instagram Princess. Indy Clinton charges $ 600 for each photo published on Instagram. Several brands paid this money to promote these brands.


The protagonist of our story is Indy Clinton, a student who lives in the city in Sydney in Australia. Only 15 years old, he began to post their photos on Instagram.

Indy_Clinton_Selfie_09He began to have followers and his father you gave the idea of charging for his photographs. He began taking surf brands, about $50 per photo. And they also gave her clothes.

Indy_Clinton_Selfie_04Now comes charging up to $600 for each photo published on Instagram.

Indy_Clinton_Selfie_10The agency representing Indy Clinton is Chic Blogger Management. The work of this agency is to contact Indy Clinton with brands. In this photo we can see Indy Clinton promoting the sales of a brand of surf.


Indy_Clinton_Selfie_06Indy Clinton not only promotes brands of clothing, in the previous photo is seen with a brand of tea.

Indy_Clinton_Selfie_07Not all photos of Indy are promotion of brands, also published photos of his everyday life and her hobbies.


Indy_Clinton_Selfie_02And not everything is money, last year Indy Clinton published this photo, to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. And he managed to raise $2,000.

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