Eva Longoria loves tight dresses

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In the last ALMA awards, Eva Longoria show us her best collection of tight dresses. In this gallery we can see the most interesting of these tight dresses. Enjoy with them!

In this picture we can see Eva Longoria with a elegant dress design by Gabriela Cadena. Really pretty! Eva_Longoria_16


Eva_Longoria_21   Eva Longoria let that her dress was the center of our atention, only with her earrings design by Martin Katz. Eva_Longoria_26   In this picture, we can see Eva Longoria with a mini dress design by Emilio Puzzi. Eva_Longoria_1   For this dress, Eva Longoria, choose shoes design by Oscar Tiye. Eva_Longoria_22


Eva_Longoria_24 In other part of the ceremony awards, Eva Longoria choose a dress design by Gabriela Cadena. Eva_Longoria_14 Very elegant dress with some litle gold details. Eva_Longoria_23 Here we can see Eva Longoria with a dress design by Bibhu Mohapatra. Eva_Longoria_19


Eva_Longoria_2 But the most elegant dress in this awards ceremony, was this black dress design by Emilio Pucci. Eva_Longoria_25

  Eva_Longoria_18 And another dress Eva_Longoria_13 Eva_Longoria_17 And the last dress… this one design by Jean Pierre Braganza. Eva_Longoria_15 Eva_Longoria_12

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