Beyoncé and Kim, curves have come back.

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Sometimes the current fashion, has created a beauty based on thinness, at times almost extreme and little sound. But some of our famous favorite such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce show us that, with curves, a woman can be very pretty.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_07Kim Kardashian has said many times that feels very happy with her curves, even with their cellulite.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_08As Kim Kardashian is proud of her curves, often wearing skirts and tight-fitting t-shirts.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_06More than once Kim Kardashian has said that she loves to eat, and that he won’t let it do for fashion.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_03Kim Kardashian recovery after her pregnancy has been very quick, she says that he has succeeded with a lot of sport and a good diet.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_01Another case of curves, is Beyonce. Sometimes we talked badly of Beyonce by its curves. In response to these criticisms, Beyonce always reacts to uploading photos instagram.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_02We must not forget that Beyonce when it was part of the group Destiny’s Child, singing a song called “Bootylicious”.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_04Beyoncé often used bodies in their concerts.

Kim_Beyoncé_Curves_05And the truth is that Beyonce in stage shows natural force.

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