Athletes and beauties (First Part)

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Normally, playing a sport professionally, makes the long hours in the gym, the athletes have an exceptional body. But some of them have a natural beauty that make them fashion icons. Some of these athletes are so handsome or pretty than their sporting successes are secondary.

1. Anna Kournikova


Tennis player without existos many sports, but became famous for its beauty and for being the girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias.

2. Leryn Franco


Leryn Franco born in Paraguay and has represented his country in the last Olympic Games in London. This athlete is javelin thrower. In addition to sports, Leryn Franco has become famous in his homeland for the attraction, which has done some work on television and in fashion magazines.

 3. Aitor Ocio


Aitor Ocio was a few years ago a football player and played for Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla. Really, Aitor Ocio, was a football player important and was a very successful career, eventually winning UEFA Cups (now Europa League) and a European Super Cup. But, obvious the other attributes of this Spanish footballer, who has remained famous for his relationships with some Spanish models.

4. Amanda Beard


This United State woman is one of the most prestigious swimmers in recent years. She has seven Olympic medals, two of them are gold, in 2.003 she was World Champion in the Championships in the city of Barcelona. From 2006 he decided to exploit her body in the world of fashion, parading on catwalks and posing in magazines like FHM.

5. Fredrik Ljungberg


Another player in our post about athletes and handsome. Fredrik Ljungberg currently plays in the Indian Football League, although he was one of the most important Arsenal midfielders. When Fredrik Ljungberg was playing in Arsenal, he won the Premier League twice and he was named the best player of the 2002 season. Although he became more famous as the image of the lines of Calvin Klein underwear.

6. Michelle Jenneke


Michelle Jenneke is an Australian athlete. She is twenty years ald and she became very famous for making dances before races. warming.

7. Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke is an American athlete who became several years ago in one of the most followed athletes on the internet. Although their sports results have never been too bright, her beauty has become her very famous.

8. Blair O’Neal


Blair O’Neal is an Arizona Golf player. He is 33 years old and she is more known for his work as a model than for their success on the LPGA golf tour.

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