Athletes and beauties (Third Part)

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This post is the Third Part of the post dedicated to the athletes most beauties.

Lolo Jones


Lolo Jones is an athlete who started in athletics, running 60-metre fences, becoming two time world champion. He then began to practice the bobsleigh. It currently has 32 years and is best known for her appearances in magazines and television for his sporting life.

Natalie Gulbis


Natalie is another player of American golf. She became famous in 2004 by posing for a calendar, that even the LPGA came to prohibit that it might sell during tournaments.

Jessica Gysin


Jessica Gysin is volleyball and voleybeach player, has become an icon in social networks every time you play a game, for her photos.

Julia Mancuso


Julia Mancuso is skier, during his career won four medals at the Olympics and was five times world champion.



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