Was Ariana Grande attacked by an angel?

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Last week we saw Ariana Grande, singing in the parade of Victoria’s Secret. This year the Victoria´s Secret show was made in London. Latino 21-year-old singer was at the height of the parade until it was attacked by an angel.

Ariana Grande Victoria 02In the parade of Victoria´s Secret of last week we saw Ariana Grande singing during the parade. In one of his performances the Victoria´s Secret, Elsa Hosk model Ariana Grande hit with one of her wings.

Ariana Grande Victoria 08Ariana Grande said on his Twitter account that one of the Victoria´s Secret angels had hit him with one of her wings.

Ariana Grande Victoria 04Ariana Grande on this occasion wore black boots that were more stylized her figure.

Ariana Grande Victoria 06Ariana Grande showed sympathy and beauty while parading Victoria´s Secret angels.

Ariana Grande Victoria 01The singer, looked like an angel over the parade, although her height (1.55 m) is not that of an angel of Victoria´s Secret.

Ariana Grande Victoria 07

Ariana Grande Victoria 05

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