Who is Alma Jodorowsky?

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Alma Jodorowsky is the granddaughter of filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. Alma Jodorowsky works both as a model, actress and in his spare time is dj. A few months ago Alma Jodorowsky became famous for being the latest addition to the firm Lancôme. Surely the style of Paris Alma Jodorowsky has had much to do with his signing with Lancôme.

Alma Jodorowsky_03Alma Jodorowsky’s name comes from the protagonist of the film “Holy Blood”, who led Alma Jodorowsky’s grandfather many years ago.

'Sea, And Sun'Alma Jodorowsky became known among the French at the beginning of year 2012, to participate in the películo “Sea and Sun”. From this películo Fame Alma Jodorowsky has been increasing in recent years.

After some small parades model, designer Karl Lagerfeld was set at Alma Jodorowsky and signed in late 2013 for their fashion shows.

Alma Jodorowsky_06Besides model and actress, singer Alma Jodorowsky is a musical group, called the Burning Peacocks.

Chanel signed Alma Jodorowsky to that represented the French perfume brand exposure perfume No. 5, at the Palais de Tokyo.

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